Behavioral Consulting

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I assist organizations in improving their:

Product, especially web & mobile apps


I am working with product teams inside large organizations or directly with the founders of start-ups to optimize how users are interacting with their products. With the abundance of new apps out daily, first impressions and excellent first interactions are crucial to keep users engaged.

I work directly with the teams involved to offer a punctual but deep behavioral sciences expertise to support them. I usually bring new ways to evaluate the products, new lenses to observe user interactions, and can almost always offer suggestions that have a low cost but high impact.

Customer satisfaction for your services


I work with services-based businesses to optimize the satisfaction of their customers using behavioral economics principles.

I support teams that are in charge of addressing a customer satisfaction issue with a behavioral audit and intervention designed to uncover then solve the root causes of suboptimal customer experience.

I also manage projects which goals are to find ways to increase already high customer satisfaction metrics. Behavioral Economics principles are usually able to move the needle even at already high levels, since the methods apply are not part of the conventional tools routinely used for customer satisfaction.

Strategic decision making processes


Rational decision making isn’t always useful, which is all the better since the human mind is poorly equipped for it. One area which benefit from rational decision making though is investment decisions.

These can be financial decisions or more broadly strategic decisions that shape the future of the team or even the company. Processes to make such decisions can be close to non-existent or lengthy and elaborate. In each case, decision makers are exposed to faulty brain heuristics and cognitive biases leading them to take decisions that may be suboptimal.

I work with investment teams, strategy teams and top executives to ensure the way their organizations make decisions is as free as possible from harmful biases.

Organizational efficiency


Do you have an internal process that has been delivering subpar results repeatedly over time? Have you tried to correct it but without long-lasting results? Then you may want to try a more innovative approach and see if a behavioral approach could not lead to better and long-term results.

Most organizational processes are far from fully optimized and behavioral approaches have been used in a large variety of fields with excellent results.