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Hi, I’m Julien, an independent senior advisor in Behavioral Economics. I am based in Sydney and I have active clients worldwide. I am also assisting clients located in Australia and New Zealand through Havas Group, as Senior Consultant, following Havas’ acquisition of Catchi, the leading Conversion Rate Optimization company in Australasia.

I assist my clients in improving their operations by using the latest advances in Behavioral Sciences (Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance and all related disciplines). I provide services in 2 areas:

Behavioral Economics Consulting & Interventions

If you want to improve how users perceive your product, especially your web or mobile app…
If you want to improve your customer satisfaction metrics or your operational efficiency metrics and haven’t experienced improvement with traditional methods…
Then I may be able to assist and it would certainly not be a waste of your time if we chatted for 10 mins to see if it would make sense to schedule a meeting or lengthier call. See more details on my Behavioral Consulting services.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

I am a very experienced optimizer for websites and mobile apps. I have deep experience for both ecommerce and SAAS websites. I am supporting clients along the full cycle of optimization, from analytics planning all the way to running a structured test program. I can act as a punctual advisor on the topics your team may not have experience in, or I can be integrated in your team and handling a set of tasks in full autonomy. See more details on my CRO services.

Why would you want to work with me?

I have a very diverse set of skills and have had a lot of experience working for Fortune 500 companies at the C-level all the way to fast-growing start-ups. I am at ease addressing a Fortune 500 board on a company-wide Behavioral Economics initiative as well as deep in the trenches ensuring a full and timely implementation. I adapt my processes to your priorities and can switch from structuring and derisking change management projects for large worldwide companies, to designing an aggressive optimization program for fast-moving start-ups. I love this diversity and actively tries to work with radically different companies.

Last point: I structure my compensation fees to align with my clients’ objectives, for example taking on CRO clients with fees based 100% on results, not on test run or other non-results based methods.

Next step: 10 mins-30 mins call

Interested? Call or email me at julien@julienlenestour.com to schedule a 10 mins-30 mins conversation and see if working together would make sense. I am usually unable to take on new clients immediately, but let’s put you on my calendar for the next opening.