Increase Concreteness to increase impact of elements

Interested in more Behavioral Tools? Find them all here. When designing a message, regardless of the media used, if you want to increase the impact an information or element has on an agent, then try to increase its Concreteness. In practice, that usually means, among other things: using pictures or representations using details to improve […]

False friend: beware disfluency as a BE tool

Disfluency, in a behavioral economics, means making a message harder to read with the intent that its readers will either: remember it better perform the task described in the message better I’m taking the opportunity of an excellent post by Andrew Gelman to highlight this false friend as a tool you should probably not use, or use […]

Halo Effect (tool)

The Halo Effect is the human tendency to associate the positive or negative judgement about a person, object or service along 1 dimension to other unrelated dimensions. Marketers have been using this age-old tendency for decades (or more) by associating their brands with positive figures or attribute. When analyzing a touchpoint, try to analyze what current […]


Increasing the saliency of a choice, a data point or a piece of information will increase its importance in the decision-making process. This is intuitive, well-established and documented but surprisingly underestimated and underused for applied BE projects. One of the first element to analyze in a situation is to find out which choice and other […]