Personalize if an active payment method is on file

Campaign parameters Audience definition Existing clients for whom you have a payment method on file. First-party data that should be accessible via your CRM. Audience granularity Grouped by payment methods, so you only deal with a few discrete groups. Campaign complexity Mainly some copy and design adjustments, quite simple. Campaign benefits The use case here […]

Printing flat screen TVs on side of bike packages reduces delivery damage by up to 80%

Interested in more Case Studies? Find them all here. Key take-away(s) A bike manufacturer had consistently high damage rates to their bike deliveries, resulting in costly returns and replacement and unsatisfied customers. They tested printing the image of huge flat-screen TV on the packages to reduce the damage rate. Results From the article, they saw […]


Increasing the saliency of a choice, a data point or a piece of information will increase its importance in the decision-making process. This is intuitive, well-established and documented but surprisingly underestimated and underused for applied BE projects. One of the first element to analyze in a situation is to find out which choice and other […]

Encouraging hospital visitors to use hand disinfectant

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source: Nudging Hospital Visitors’ Hand Hygiene Compliance Goal(s) Reducing Hospital-acquired-infections by increasing the proportion of visitors to relatives staying at hospitals that use the hand sanitizers available. Changes implemented Choice Architecture Contextual persuasion and copy elements added a red sign to the hand sanitizers. The ones […]

Units of measure used matters

Units of measure used in displaying information, data, etc matters a lot and impact choices made on a number of different dimensions: anchoring: if you present data in terms of 1 000 milli-something or 1 something, than you use different anchors priming: units matter here as well in the same terms. Ex.: steps walked versus […]

Personalization technologies enable Behavioral Economics interventions in online banking

Personalization is a hot topic when talking about digital channels optimization. Technologies, such as Optimizely’s personalization offering, are developing quickly into a mature offering which has the potential to enable quite serious efforts on the front. Though it’s a hot topic, I’ve had many discussions with clients who are looking at examples of possible use […]

Allow clients to prime themselves by personalizing their online banking client area

With this idea, we combine the use of priming effects with salience and concreteness bias. Online banking clients, be it through web interfaces or mobile apps, generally have a main client area that they are logging into. They make important decisions within this area or can alter choices they have already made. The idea is […]

Stating Appointment Costs in SMS Reminders Reduces Missed Hospital Appointments

Great new study1 from the UK Behavioral Insights Team. They also wrote a great a fantastic blog post about how they approached the issue here. Reading it is highly recommended! The main take-away from this case study for me isn’t the specific wording that got operational results in this case, but the demonstration that very low cost testing […]

SMS reminders before health appointments are effective

Yes, it may sounds superfluous to report such results, but all interventions should be monitored and evaluated and no effect can be taken for granted. Background and main results quoted below from this review1 Background: This review is an update of the original Cochrane review published in July 2012. Missed appointments are a major cause […]

Moving signature box to top of form instead of bottom increased fees collected

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source The White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team conducted this experiment and reported on its results in their 2015 report. Goal(s) To see if certifying to tell the truth on an administrative form was impacted by having the signature box at the start of the […]