Use personalization technologies to amplify Behavioral Economics

There has been a sharp increase of interest in personalization technologies recently, as evidenced for example by Optimizely’s shift to reconfigure from testing platform to personalization platform. Personalization technologies in themselves won’t help you though, without a solid strategy to choose which personalization campaigns you should run, how to prioritize them, etc. Behavioral Economics can help […]

Ranking of choice options influences decisions

When people are presented with a list of any kind, the order used to present the options will influence their choice. It might seem obvious but not many choice architects are checking this point systematically. This tendency can be used to shape a user’s choice, so it’s the basis for simple nudges to shift people’s […]

Order of appearance of research articles influences clicks, downloads, cites

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source It’s Good to be First: Order Bias in Reading and Citing; NBER Working Papers; Daniel R. Feenberg, Ina Ganguli, Patrick Gaule, Jonathan Gruber; NBER Working Paper No. 21141; Issued in May 2015 Type & Goal(s) This is a repeated natural experiment. The goal of this study wasn’t really […]