False friends: priming is a less efficient than you’ve been told

The point of this post about priming under choice architecture tools is to make it clear that while priming does work in some contexts, priming is a tool that requires exceptional care to be used efficiently. For an overview of what priming is, you can have a look at the wikipedia entry. Be warned though, that […]

Advance notification of coming invitation letter for health screening increases participation rate

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source Senore, C, Ederle, A, DePretis, G, Magnani, C, Canuti, D, Deandrea, S & Bisanti, L 2015, ‘Invitation strategies for colorectal cancer screening programmes: The impact of an advance notification letter’, Preventive Medicine, vol. 73, pp. 106–11. Goal(s) To estimate the impact of advance notifications […]

Larger packaging and plates make us eat more

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source Hollands, GJ, Shemilt, I, Marteau, TM, Jebb, SA, Lewis, HB, Wei, Y, Higgins, J & Ogilvie, D 2015, ‘Portion, package or tableware size for changing selection and consumption of food, alcohol and tobacco’, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, vol. 9, viewed 24 March 2016 […]

Units of measure used matters

Units of measure used in displaying information, data, etc matters a lot and impact choices made on a number of different dimensions: anchoring: if you present data in terms of 1 000 milli-something or 1 something, than you use different anchors priming: units matter here as well in the same terms. Ex.: steps walked versus […]

Personalization technologies enable Behavioral Economics interventions in online banking

Personalization is a hot topic when talking about digital channels optimization. Technologies, such as Optimizely’s personalization offering, are developing quickly into a mature offering which has the potential to enable quite serious efforts on the front. Though it’s a hot topic, I’ve had many discussions with clients who are looking at examples of possible use […]

Allow clients to prime themselves by personalizing their online banking client area

With this idea, we combine the use of priming effects with salience and concreteness bias. Online banking clients, be it through web interfaces or mobile apps, generally have a main client area that they are logging into. They make important decisions within this area or can alter choices they have already made. The idea is […]