Concrete nutrition labels convey much more than abstract ones

Description and Key take-away(s) The German consumer interest group Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg uses the Choice Architecture tool Concreteness to convey nutritional information in a much more efficient way than abstract nutritional labels do. An example for Nutella below, with ingredients in German (but anyone gets the point…) Comments Really great example demonstrating how to use Concreteness […]

Printing flat screen TVs on side of bike packages reduces delivery damage by up to 80%

Interested in more Case Studies? Find them all here. Key take-away(s) A bike manufacturer had consistently high damage rates to their bike deliveries, resulting in costly returns and replacement and unsatisfied customers. They tested printing the image of huge flat-screen TV on the packages to reduce the damage rate. Results From the article, they saw […]

Text messages sent when blood donors’ blood is used

Description and Key take-away(s) A local county in Sweden wanted to increase blood donations. They tested sending a text message to a previous donor whenever the blood donated is used for a patient. This is a very nice and powerful way of both increasing the incentives for a previous donor to donate again and triggering […]

Increase Concreteness to increase impact of elements

Interested in more Behavioral Tools? Find them all here. When designing a message, regardless of the media used, if you want to increase the impact an information or element has on an agent, then try to increase its Concreteness. In practice, that usually means, among other things: using pictures or representations using details to improve […]

Use personalization technologies to amplify Behavioral Economics

There has been a sharp increase of interest in personalization technologies recently, as evidenced for example by Optimizely’s shift to reconfigure from testing platform to personalization platform. Personalization technologies in themselves won’t help you though, without a solid strategy to choose which personalization campaigns you should run, how to prioritize them, etc. Behavioral Economics can help […]

Allow clients to prime themselves by personalizing their online banking client area

With this idea, we combine the use of priming effects with salience and concreteness bias. Online banking clients, be it through web interfaces or mobile apps, generally have a main client area that they are logging into. They make important decisions within this area or can alter choices they have already made. The idea is […]