Ease Modulation as BE tool

Humans are lazy. More accurately, the human brain evolved, biologically, in an environment of energy scarcity: calories were precious and hard to gather or hunt. So we are wired to conserve energy as much as possible, which makes our brains think twice before expending energy to walk even 10 meters. So we’re not really lazy: […]


Increasing the saliency of a choice, a data point or a piece of information will increase its importance in the decision-making process. This is intuitive, well-established and documented but surprisingly underestimated and underused for applied BE projects. One of the first element to analyze in a situation is to find out which choice and other […]

Encouraging hospital visitors to use hand disinfectant

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source: Nudging Hospital Visitors’ Hand Hygiene Compliance Goal(s) Reducing Hospital-acquired-infections by increasing the proportion of visitors to relatives staying at hospitals that use the hand sanitizers available. Changes implemented Choice Architecture Contextual persuasion and copy elements added a red sign to the hand sanitizers. The ones […]

Removing bottled water from campus increased consumption of other bottled beverages

Details below, but lessons to be learned from the University of Vermont (UVM) somewhat failed intervention: always test on a small sample before scaling behavioral interventions always plan for ways to evaluate the effects of the BI before implementation: you shouldn’t be wondering after the fact how you could somehow evaluate your intervention unforeseen consequences will […]