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Campaign parameters

Audience definition

Existing clients for whom you have a payment method on file. First-party data that should be accessible via your CRM.

Audience granularity

Grouped by payment methods, so you only deal with a few discrete groups.

Campaign complexity

Mainly some copy and design adjustments, quite simple.

Campaign benefits

The use case here is when:

  • you have a business model that enables you to retain on file an active method of payment for your clients: this is the case for all subscription based businesses.
  • you want to cross-sell another offering or want to prompt an unrelated transaction.

The main idea is to personalize your website and funnel so that these prospects are made fully aware of the fact they can complete their transaction without needing to re-enter their payment details.

This would be especially important to point out on mobile devices, which are used in situations where entering payment methods is often not an attractive choice.

This campaign idea is based on the importance of ease as a behavioral tendency and the need to make important information very salient.

Personalization technologies are more powerful when used to enable sound behavioral science principles. See how they can amplify behavioral economics tools.


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