Personalize if an active payment method is on file

Campaign parameters Audience definition Existing clients for whom you have a payment method on file. First-party data that should be accessible via your CRM. Audience granularity Grouped by payment methods, so you only deal with a few discrete groups. Campaign complexity Mainly some copy and design adjustments, quite simple. Campaign benefits The use case here […]

Printing flat screen TVs on side of bike packages reduces delivery damage by up to 80%

Interested in more Case Studies? Find them all here. Key take-away(s) A bike manufacturer had consistently high damage rates to their bike deliveries, resulting in costly returns and replacement and unsatisfied customers. They tested printing the image of huge flat-screen TV on the packages to reduce the damage rate. Results From the article, they saw […]


Increasing the saliency of a choice, a data point or a piece of information will increase its importance in the decision-making process. This is intuitive, well-established and documented but surprisingly underestimated and underused for applied BE projects. One of the first element to analyze in a situation is to find out which choice and other […]

Encouraging hospital visitors to use hand disinfectant

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source: Nudging Hospital Visitors’ Hand Hygiene Compliance Goal(s) Reducing Hospital-acquired-infections by increasing the proportion of visitors to relatives staying at hospitals that use the hand sanitizers available. Changes implemented Choice Architecture Contextual persuasion and copy elements added a red sign to the hand sanitizers. The ones […]