False friends: priming is a less efficient than you’ve been told

The point of this post about priming under choice architecture tools is to make it clear that while priming does work in some contexts, priming is a tool that requires exceptional care to be used efficiently. For an overview of what priming is, you can have a look at the wikipedia entry. Be warned though, that […]

Advance notification of coming invitation letter for health screening increases participation rate

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source Senore, C, Ederle, A, DePretis, G, Magnani, C, Canuti, D, Deandrea, S & Bisanti, L 2015, ‘Invitation strategies for colorectal cancer screening programmes: The impact of an advance notification letter’, Preventive Medicine, vol. 73, pp. 106–11. Goal(s) To estimate the impact of advance notifications […]