Ease Modulation as BE tool

Humans are lazy. More accurately, the human brain evolved, biologically, in an environment of energy scarcity: calories were precious and hard to gather or hunt. So we are wired to conserve energy as much as possible, which makes our brains think twice before expending energy to walk even 10 meters. So we’re not really lazy: […]

How to combine Incentives analysis and Behavioral Insights to change behaviors

While it’s true that Behavioral Insights by themselves can modify individual behaviors, don’t forget that in the real world, Incentives are much more powerful in terms of driving impactful changes. Of course, using both in a combined fashion yields the best results. Incentives trump Choice Architecture in terms of impact If you take a look […]

The new UBER app: a behavioral scientist overview

Uber recently revamped its mobile app used by riders. Very interestingly, most changes are based on popular behavioral tendencies. Let’s use the ICAR Behavior Analysis Framework to classify the changes and their impact. Note: this is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of the new UBER app, but rather I’m highlighting some interesting aspects […]

Personalize if an active payment method is on file

Campaign parameters Audience definition Existing clients for whom you have a payment method on file. First-party data that should be accessible via your CRM. Audience granularity Grouped by payment methods, so you only deal with a few discrete groups. Campaign complexity Mainly some copy and design adjustments, quite simple. Campaign benefits The use case here […]

Mandate helmets for bikers, get a drop in motorbikes theft

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source “Mayhew, Pat, Clarke, Ronald V., and Elliott, David (1989), ‘Motorcycle Theft, Helmet Legislation and Displacement’, Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, vol. 28, issue 1: 1–8.” Quoted by David Halpern. “Inside the Nudge Unit: How small changes can make a big difference.” Type & Context This is […]

Use personalization technologies to amplify Behavioral Economics

There has been a sharp increase of interest in personalization technologies recently, as evidenced for example by Optimizely’s shift to reconfigure from testing platform to personalization platform. Personalization technologies in themselves won’t help you though, without a solid strategy to choose which personalization campaigns you should run, how to prioritize them, etc. Behavioral Economics can help […]

Slicing apples increases how many students buy them and eat them

Note: analysis based on my Behavioral Orchestration and Analysis framework explained here. Source Pre-Sliced Fruit in School Cafeterias, Wansink, Brian et al., American Journal of Preventive Medicine , Volume 44 , Issue 5 , 477 – 480 Goal(s) Test whether slicing apples instead of presenting them whole would increase sales of apples in schools cafetarias and how much of […]