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Source: HBR article How Google Optimized Healthy Office Snacks

They observed people’s choices when going into Google’s microkitchen with a food station and beverage station, and recorded how many people took both a beverage and a snack.

When the snack station was 6.5 ft from the beverage station, people were 50% more likely to grab a snack along with their beverage than in the configuration where the stations were 17.5 ft afar.


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Julien Le Nestour
Applied behavioral scientist & international consultant — I am using the results and latest advances from the behavioral sciences—specifically behavioral economics—to help companies solve strategic issues. I am working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 groups, and across industries, though I have specific domain knowledge in banking, asset management, B2B and consumer IT, SAAS and e-commerce industries.

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