Concrete nutrition labels convey much more than abstract ones

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Description and Key take-away(s)

The German consumer interest group Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg uses the Choice Architecture tool Concreteness to convey nutritional information in a much more efficient way than abstract nutritional labels do.

An example for Nutella below, with ingredients in German (but anyone gets the point…)


Really great example demonstrating how to use Concreteness to improve messaging and shape behaviors. You do need to be creative, but looking at your messaging and trying to make some elements more concrete really does pay back.

A shame this is only an ad campaign and not the real thing!

ICAR analysis (link)

ICAR FrameworkNote: Only the relevant dimensions of the ICAR Behavior Analysis Framework are commented below. To discover the complete framework click here (or click on the image to see an overview).

Choice Architecture

Contextual persuasion and copy

  • Concreteness: Nutritional info is displayed using pictures of actual ingredients and proportions instead of abstract information


Interested in more Case Studies? Find them all here.