Allow clients to prime themselves by personalizing their online banking client area

With this idea, we combine the use of priming effects with salience and concreteness bias.

Online banking clients, be it through web interfaces or mobile apps, generally have a main client area that they are logging into. They make important decisions within this area or can alter choices they have already made. The idea is to nudge them to stick to their own goals. Digital banking dashboards are very interesting customer touch points since they display new information and the client can act on it in the same touch point. These are the most amenable touch points for behavioral intervention (see here on to prioritize touch points for analysis and intervention).

To that end, they could have the option to upload a photo background to use on these areas, which would remind them of their own goals and why they save/invest. Among the obvious ideas:

  • photo of their kids if they save for their education
  • photo of a house they like if they save for a deposit
  • photo of a holiday house they like if they save for a secondary residence
  • photo of a piece of gear for the single person to save for it
  • photo of vacation destination to save for holidays
  • etc.

The bank could interrupt them the next time they log into this area and offer them the possibility to customize it according to their own goals. The bank would actually come across as caring. Other landscape backgrounds could be offered if they don’t elect to use a personal background so that they do not feel they are missing.

The key is ease of use. They should be suggested a few ideas of what to use based on the above and uploading the photo could be as simple as replying to an automated email with the photo attached—most people have their photos on their phone these days, replying to an email with the pic attached is the easiest.

This would be a win for all involved, as the bank would improve its brand and the client should actually see a benefit in terms of achieving his or her financial goals.